How long does Tux Fizz live band perform for?

We offer 2 x 60 min sets or 3 x 45 min sets of live music, but we’re very flexible and will play what is required for your event and also adjust as timings unfold on the day.

How many people are in Tux Fizz?

Tux Fizz comprises 10 incredibly talented musicians who love to party. The band for your specific event will comprise of a mixture of members depending on the timing and type of your event. All of the band members are professional entertainers and ensure a night to remember!

How long does it take the band to set up and sound check?

We require a minimum of 1 hour to set up, but if the venue has difficult access to the stage will of course mean it takes us longer to set up.

Does the time the band arrives and leaves affect the cost?

Yes it does. The quote presumes that the band arrive at 6:30pm to be ready set up in time for 8:00pm to 8:30pm and can start packing up our equipment by 12:00am. If you need Tux Fizz there a lot earlier or wish us to perform beyond midnight, then the quote will include the costs for the extra time.

What’s the best time to start the music?

Tux Fizz is flexible to accommodate any specific timings you may have, but from our experience the following works well: we have also found that it is best not to start performing too early – we recommend no earlier than 8.00pm to allow evening guests to arrive and settle in. Then we will take a DJ break around any events or food that is scheduled to come out in the evening. The band will then resume after the break.

What happens to the music when you are not performing?

We provide a suitable pre-selected DJ playlists of usual party favourites included in the fee. If you have particular songs that you wish to be added to the playlist then do let us know.

Will Tux Fizz perform our first dance?

Yes and this is included in the fee. Please give us at least 6 weeks notice so we can fit it into our band rehearsal schedule if we don’t already know it.

Can we choose which songs Tux Fizz perform?

We recommend that you check through our set list and let us know which your favourite songs are and we will make sure we play them, and also if there are one or two you really don’t like then we’ll take note! However, we have years of experience performing and reading crowds so have a good idea of what will go down well. Our goal is to ensure your guests have an unforgettable night – and we haven’t failed yet! If there is a song that isn’t listed on our website that you would like us to perform do let us know – we’re always open to suggestions on adding good dance floor fillers to our set.

How far is the band able to travel?

We travel all across the UK and beyond – our quote will include costs for time & travel expenses.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance and PAT (electrical safety) certificates for your equipment?

Yes. We have group Public Liability Insurance, and we also keep our electrical equipment with fully up-to-date PAT certificates which can be provided on request.

Do you require a deposit when booking?

We ask for a 25% deposit to confirm the booking and secure the date with the band.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. We will always quote a fee which is fully inclusive of all travel and accommodation costs.

Will you need feeding and watering?

Food and drink is never expected but it is always appreciated!

What if there is something else I need to ask?

Please email rich@rgartists.com and our manager, Rich, will be in touch as soon as possible.

What is your policy around Coronavirus?

If your wedding is impacted by Covid, then we would work through the following process: 1) Work with you to find a new date that works, and then update the original booking to the new date 2) If for whatever reason the new date cannot be supported by the band, then we would work our roster to find another amazing band for your date 3) If we cannot find a suitable alternative band then we would look to refund 50% of the original booking fee to you. We recognise that COVID has affected couples and suppliers alike - this approach enables us to cover our overhead costs while ensuring the couple still gets something back :)